Who We Are



We are a Catholic fraternity located in Toulon, France, whose main goal is to heal, form and empower Christians in order to serve the Kingdom of God.

We have been invited to run conferences in various countries such as England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, USA and further afield. In our ministry we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as they are described by Saint Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians, and as a result, have seen the Holy Spirit transform lives through the experiencing of God’s love. Striving to be attentive to the particular and powerful movements of Holy Spirit in this generation, we seek to foster unity amidst Christians, among the Nations through the power of the Gospel.

Whilst maintaining our Catholic identity, we hope to, and indeed feel called to experience Christian unity within the fraternity. We are open to receiving Christians of other denominations and streams as members. Our unity inside the fraternity is to be founded upon our love for Christ enlivened by the experience of the baptism of the Holy-Spirit.

The Holy-Spirit is the overflowing love of God. As a Holy-Spirit House, we desire to be a house of the Holy-Spirit, whose members experience the power and intimacy in worship, the love and the freedom of children living together in the family of God. We desire to be a welcoming place for those who are thirsty, to come as they are, to drink from the spring of living water and so be transformed.



Compelled by the Holy-Spirit, the overflowing love of God, we feel obliged to go and to stop for the one or for the ones the Lord puts in our path. For us, to stop for the one or ones, is not just to bring them momentary consolation, but if they are open to it, to allow them to go through a threefold process..

This process implies healing, formation, and empowerment, in order to help them coming to their full Christian calling.

We believe that the youth have a special contribution to make to the Church of God. They have a unique dynamism with which to impact the world. They have a particular openness to the creativity of the Holy-Spirit. Their joy and their zeal is a powerful and significant force in the Holy Spirit to bring the nations to Jesus. We believe young people are seekers of truth, meaning and purpose. For this reason, we want to dedicate special efforts to them and encourage them to become who they are through an authentic encounter with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.




Through Encountering the Love of God, we aim at healing the heart of the person. Knowing it will involve several elements, Healing from sin through Repentance and forgiveness, Healing from wounds and memories, Healing from negative bonds. The physical healing has also an important role to play as a concrete manifestation of God’s love for the person and a sign of His Providence.


Teaching and understanding of the Christian Faith – Faith, Identity & Calling. Our formation aims at the renewing of the mind. It implies to form in Christian faith & doctrine, Christian spirituality & prayer, Christian morality and virtues. God’s Word and Revelation is at the very centre of our teaching. To become conformed to the mind of Christ opens the door for a transformation and renewal of the heart.


It is the equipping of the people as far as Natural and Supernatural gifts and virtues are concerned. It is about allowing them to flourish for the mission according to God’s plan for each individual . For us to equip implies to accompany and support the person along their journey. The fundamental driving force and catalyst behind this process of empowerment is the power from above received at the baptism of Holy Spirit. Part of the gifts are listed in 1 Corinthians 12.