Step Out of The Boat



It’s time to break through the barriers that keep you from walking in our true identities as sons and daughters of God! 


Through Encountering the Love of God, we aim at healing the heart of the person. Knowing it will involve several elements, Healing from sin through Repentance and forgiveness, Healing from wounds and memories, Healing from negative bonds. The physical healing has also an important role to play as a concrete manifestation of God’s love for the person and a sign of His Providence.


God’s Word, the Revelation and living testimonies are at the very centre of our teaching. Our formation aims at a deeper knowledge of God, at developing a passion for Him, at the renewing of the mind. It implies to form in Christian faith and doctrine, Christian spirituality and prayer, Christian morality and virtues. Here are some teachings offered : our identity in the Lord, faith, relationships, prayer and spiritual warfare and tools to discern our call…

To become conformed to the mind of Christ opens the door for a transformation of the heart. Luke 6:40 “… everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.”


It is the equipping of the people as far as Natural and Supernatural gifts and virtues are concerned. It is about allowing them too flourish for the mission according to God’s plan for each individual. For us to equip implies to accompany and stand close to the person. The fundamental driving force and catalyst behind this process of empowerment is the power from above received at the baptism of Holy Spirit. Part of the gifts are listed in 1 Corinthians 12.


is organised and made possible by:

The Holy Spirit House: Discover who we are by visiting our site:

The Gardens of Bethany: Charismatic Catholic Family Community in connection with the College of Communities of Colombier, based on the spirituality of Father Lataste whose pillars are mercy, fraternity of grace and discretion.Moved by God’s mercy, we offer a specific and punctual welcome to people, especially young people in difficulty, in search of support, listening, a time of rest, of restructuring, of spiritual search. The aim is to be liberated in our true identity as children of God, anxious to be discreet about the past of each one, rather fixed on the promises of the Father. In this way each person can regain his dignity and be rehabilitated.

France-Iris ( The Association France-Iris was created in 2011, following several missionary trips to Mozambique where we were strongly impacted by the work of the Arco-Iris Ministry, founded by the Baker family. This association supports some projects implemented in Mozambique by Rolland and Heidi Baker. France-Iris comes to the aid of underprivileged populations and more particularly children. It brings and develops material, moral, financial and educational support to people facing great precariousness: “It is the love of Jesus that drives us to “Stop for one of them”, so we gather the children and offer them food, shelter and love. With your help, and the Lord guiding our steps, we can face abuse, abandonment and poverty. Together we can help the children of Mozambique and their families to grow, learn and become sons and daughters of the Father.” From Iris’ website:

Our goal is to:

Spread the message of the Fathers Love,

Raise awareness through campaigns and seminars,

Encourage and develop the missionary call among young people.