Mission School



We offer the young people who wish to live a school of life and to be trained to mission to share a community life, experiencing the other at four levels :

– the Other who is our Lord
– the brother in the community
– the non-believer (evangelization)
– the poor
This will be achieved in the community and ecclesial context.
We also offer a sound teaching to equip Christians and missionaries to use as they go out serving in local and global missions (national and international)
We will also lead them in the discovery and development of the specific gifts that the Lord has given them.

Practical Information

Our school of mission takes place for one year starting from September 2020. Other lenghts of time can be discussed. The members will live inside the Fraternity Holy Spirit House (in the diocese of Frejus-Toulon, in the South-East of France) to share the community life. According to the members, it could be bilingual English / French. We ask a financial contribution of Euros 200 a month to cover the daily and teaching expenses . We do not want money to be an obstacle to participation, so if this a difficulty for you, we welcome you to discuss this with us.

To subscribe, the attached subscription form must be filled in.

The Lord has called us to start a mission school which aims to prepare young people to serve him in a more committed way.

They are the ones who will proclaim the gospel, organize retreats, direct missions and ecclesial institutions in the future world which will have almost no priests.

Our students cannot receive their training in a purely theoretical way.

To be properly formed they need concret participation in our missions and ministry which we do around the world in places like France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Since the number of our students will likely increase in the years to come, we will need a van with 9 places, in order to travel with all the students to the different mission at an affordable cost.



A life of prayer and worship

The personal relation with the Lord is necessary to grow in a well-balanced Christian life. We encourage the quest of the face of God through the involvement in the community’s prayer times : adoration, mass, worship, rosary or meditation on the life of Jesus. Prayer life is the vital lead of every day and of every mission. We want to listen to the Holy Spirit to understand and act according to the Father’s will.

A sound Christian teaching

Every week day a teaching is delivered by a member of the Holy Spirit House, outside speakers or through a video teaching. Here are the themes which will be developped along the year :
– the art of prayer and spiritual life
– the doctrine of the faith
– worship
– the challenges of the new evangelization
– evangelization techniques
– the charisms and gifts of the Holy Spirit
– the art of communication
– the link to the church
A time of daily biblical study will also be scheduled.

Practical training : mission

We wish to give the members the opportunity to step forward in faith, practicing what they have learnt bringing the love of God to their brothers, to the non-believers and to the poor. The mission is first of all local, in the diocese : parochial service, mission with the poor, street evangelization, activities where the use of charisms is required, bearing witness in Catholic schools, participation in practical mission life according the skills of everyone (communication, clerical work, organization…).
The mission is also global, that is why we offer to come with us in some of our missions in France and possibly abroad.

God Bless You!