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Mission School




In May 2020 our Fraternity decided to move forward with a Mission School near Toulon, France. We called it “New Pentecost”.

It is your support that will make it grow.

The school was a big step for the Holy Spirit House after just 3 years of existence.

First of all, we want to express our gratitude to all those who have helped us, in particular our Bishop Dominique Rey and also our friends that we met during our evenings of praise and healing. You supported us right from the start.

The New Pentecost Mission School: what is it?

Answering this question means going back to who we are: a Catholic, Charismatic and ecumenical Fraternity. It means we are open to the Christian world in all its splendor and in its most beautiful traditions.

Our school follow the same path and our objective is simple, to reveal the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Alone we cannot do it, we need you.

Father Antoine Coelho, the founder of the Mission School, New Pentecost:

Father Antoine talks about the Mission School of the New Pentecost, how the idea started and why we believe it is so important to provide formation for the young within our church.

We welcomed 3 new students for the year 2021-2022 and now for 2022-2023 we are back with 7 more. Please help us.

In May 2020, the Fraternity decided to move forward with many supports, but without direct financial backing. We invested our time, our energies and the little money we had left.

After 1 year of experience, we were ready to go further and accept more students because the world needed more of them. Now we want to invite 7.

This is why today we ask for your help for a Mission School that wants to have a future.

Therese from the UK and student at the Mission School

Therese, A student at the Mission School of the New Pentecost talks about the importance of a strong prayer life in the mission school and how it supports life in community.

Theresia from the Germany and student at the Mission School

The testimony of Theresia ” The Mission School [New Pentecost] is such a gift. I really hope and I would love that this continues so that more people will be blesses in the same way.”

Larry from France (video in French)

Larry: “the job of missionaries is to bring the word of God, it means that you  have to know it really well.”

Even with 10 € you can make a big difference

Each student does not cost us much, because we live a simple life, but, according to our calculations, it is still around 4.500 euros per year per person in food, travel (France, Spain or Germany), in housing, in classes and also their first mission.

We are working to receive three more Missionaries in the next six months.

However, financially speaking, after our initial investment in the first year, we have secured almost  19.000 in donations but  we are still short of € 12,615 in 2022-2023 to grow the New Pentecost Mission School.

With a donation of 10 € you pay for one day of expenses for one student in our school.

You can do it here :


God Bless You!